Is Your Dog Obedient?

Train your dog for a lifetime of happiness

Swamp Dog Training has developed an excellent dog training program. We have great success with the dogs we teach. You’re guaranteed to be happy with the results. You can choose between six one-on-one sessions or one month of boarded training.

To increase its effectiveness, our two-stage program covers both basic and advanced training.

Basic training

During the basic training phase, your dog will learn fundamental obedience. These simple lessons will be important throughout the life of your companion animal. We’ll teach your pet commands such as:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come

Advanced training

Advanced training

During the advanced training phase, your dog will learn more challenging behavioral skills. He or she will learn to follow commands in the face of significant distractions. When the training is complete, your dog will graduate a genius!

Let us tell you more about our pricing and availability. Contact Swamp Dog Training at 337-804-2067 today to begin teaching your dog important commands.

Does Your Dog Need Help Making Friends?

Does Your Dog Need Help Making Friends?

Work on canine relationship development

Have you recently adopted a dog?

Let Swamp Dog Training help you with canine relationship development. Adopted dogs often come from bad homes, and they need gradual encouragement in order to trust their new owner. Even puppies as young as four months can benefit from this training – there’s no age limit!

Our expert trainers can help you to:

  • Overcome your dog’s defensive behaviors
  • Form a friendship with your dog
  • Teach your dog obedience and socialization

Show them how to get along

Do you have two or more dogs that aren’t getting along? Swamp Dog Training can help you stop the fighting between your dogs. Though this is a common problem, it can be dangerous for both you and your animals. We’ll work to interrupt negative aggressive behavior.

Every dog will require a different level of training. Contact Swamp Dog Training at 337-804-2067 to learn how we can help you bond with your canine.