" Dustin truly has a gift with dogs. He is the beyond educated with dog training and is such a compassionate person. He's helped us so much and become like family to us in the process. My son Seth had his dream come true of getting a service dog and Dustin is still helping us train her. She's been incredible since starting training with Dustin and does amazing on trips to the doctor with Seth. Seth loves his "Rainbow" and he adores Dustin too! He is a blessing to us, I highly recommend him and often do!!"


" 2years ago I got the dog I always wanted, a Great Dane. It was a very spontaneous thing, going from 30+years of having cats! to a beautiful 10pound, 7 week old pup! Well he was a handful from the beginning, needless to say. After we had him for about two weeks , something didn't seem right . Sam was convinced that Rosco was just being a puppy, all hyper and full of puppy energy and distractions. Well, we quickly confirmed that Rosco is deaf. We knew it was pretty important to train Rosco because he was going to be pretty big and he would have to be obedient , but how to you train a dog that can't hear you? Well we were very fortunate to find Dustin. We actually started with another trainer who did a good job, but our progress was getting stuck. In steps Dustin, and he was able to take the training further. He taught us how to work with Rosco, techniques and little tricks to turn Rosco into the dog we wanted. Dustin educated us about, and how to use an electronic collar, which has been a god-send to us . Dustin is patient and truly loves the animals he works with."


"My dog, Sampson, spent 5 weeks with Dustin and I couldn't be happier. He was treated well while there; fed, bathed and medicated accordingly, and not only did Dustin do an excellent job channeling Sampson's energ y, but he also taught us a lot about dog psychology and what we were doing wrong/right as owners. It's been Highly recommended!"


"I cannot say enough about Dustin. He is a great person, God father to my fur babies, friend, and most importantly a wonderful dog trainer. I don't trust many people with my dogs because they are my kids! I trust him 100%. He has the many certifications to prove it. He assesses the dog, and uses the type of training that he feels will best benefit your dog. I met him years ago, and quickly found out that I played a big role of Franny's behavior. I am working on it! :). He keeps tabs on the dogs that he has trained, and if he feels like there is needed improvement (such as Franny), he will take the time to go back and work with them. He truly cares, and strives to better himself in his passion and career. If you are in need of a dog trainer, go to Dustin! If you have any questions about him, feel free to message me!!! Thanks for everything Dustin! We love you!! -Katy, Daisy, and Franny!"


" We got a golden doodle last year for our daughter Emma. Our hopes were to train as a therapy/ service dog for her, when Milo went to swamp dog training, he was out of control, biting, chewing on everything and did not listen, he stayed there for three months and came back a trained service dog, he listens, comes to doctor appts with my daughter and he is a great dog now! We love Dustin!"